Software Reviewer's Guidelines

Special Writer's Guidelines for Software Reviewers

ComputorEdge is America's most popular free, weekly computer magazine. We publish editions in both Colorado and Southern California, with a combined circulation of more than 100,000. Our reviews column, called "Worldwide News and Product Reviews," includes 3-5 reviews per issue. That means we need 150-250 reviews per year. These are short reviews, only 200-250 words in length. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any cash compensation at this time. (Please note that we are not a non-paying market--we do pay 10-15 cents per word for our feature articles.) On the other hand, you are able to keep whatever software products you review for us. We use a five-globe rating system that is based solely on the writer's opinions, with five globes being the highest rating. Although we want reviews that offer an honest evaluation, we suggest that whenever possible, you offer some positive points for even one-globe products. Our readers are generally beginning to intermediate end users who look to ComputorEdge for personable, conversational writing styles. If you're interested in contributing to WNPR, the next step is to e-mail a resume and writing samples to . Please be sure to include a list of the specific titles you prefer to evaluate. If we like your samples, we'll contact you regarding future assignments. In the meantime, thanks for your interest in ComputorEdge.

The Editorial Staff
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