Writer's Guidelines

Writer’s Guidelines
ComputorEdge is the nation’s largest regional weekly computer magazine, with weekly print editions in Southern California, monthly print editions in Colorado, and weekly online editions in San Diego, Colorado, and New Mexico.

2006 Editorial Calendar
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ComputorEdge is always on the lookout for talented writers and artists. Lots of experience isn't always necessary, but skill and expertise are.

A Profile of CE Writers

Freelance writers contribute to most sections of the magazine. CE writers use a style that is easily understood by novice and intermediate computer users, yet respected by well-educated readers and experts. Our writers are clear and conversational. They share their technical expertise in a relaxed, personable manner without unnecessary techno-jargon. This is a rare combination of talents.

Rights and Compensation

We buy First North American Serial Rights, as well as electronic publishing rights for our online magazines. Feature articles should be 1,000 to 1,200 words in length. The columns Mac Madness and I Don’t Do Windows (alternative operating systems such as Linux, BeOS, Lindows, etc.) are open to freelance writers. They should consist of approximately 900 words.

Payment is rendered 30 days after publication. The amount is based on the number of print magazines in which an article is published, as follows:
- Feature articles: $100 per issu
- Columns: $75 for per issue.

How to Submit Your Ideas

Become familiar with the magazine—each issue has a specific theme. You’ll find the current issue and archived copies of all three magazines on this site. Access the Editorial Calendar at www.computoredge.com/images/edcal.pdf or request one from .

If you have a feature story or column idea for an upcoming issue, submit an e-mail query to . Do not include any attachments. We do not open attachments from unknown senders. Queries with attachments are automatically deleted. This is important: In the Subject line of your e-mail, put the word “Query” and state the Issue Number for which you wish to write. Using this procedure keeps spam from cluttering the Submissions e-mail Inbox. Keep in mind that we assign stories up to three months ahead of the publication date. You should also provide:

A brief but detailed description of the article you would like to write.

A summary of your writing credits, credentials, or brief bio if you have never written for ComputorEdge before.

If your article is accepted, an editor will contact you. Be sure to provide your current e-mail address. If you do not hear from us within a reasonable amount of time, your submission has probably been rejected. If you wish, you may send a “reminder” e-mail to check on the status of your submission. Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts.

After Acceptance

When finalized, e-mail your accepted article or column to . It needs to be received by the Writer’s Deadline, which is indicated on the Editorial Calendar. This is important: In the Subject line of your e-mail, put “Issue Number” and the number of the issue for which your article is slated. If the words “Issue Number” do not appear in your e-mail, it will automatically be deleted. Using this procedure keeps spam from cluttering the Assigned e-mail Inbox.

We prefer to receive the article in Microsoft Word format or as part of the body of the e-mail.

It is important that assigned articles be directed to . It is important that submissions be directed to . It is important that no other e-mail be directed to these mailboxes. Questions and comments should be addressed to .

Acceptance of a piece does not guarantee its immediate publication. On occasion, a scheduled article may have to be moved to another issue.

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